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Centrul Cultural VATRA este o instituție de management artistic, care promovează cultura și tezaurul artistic al Republicii Moldova.

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restaurantul vatra neamului chisinau

Restaurantul – muzeu “Vatra Neamului” va invita sa savurati din bucatele si bauturile domnesti, intr-o ambianta in care istoria se combina cu eleganta.

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Foarte și foarte gustos, chiar superb!

Sergiu Cușnir

Să trăiți domnilor!

Maxim Colesnic

Mulțumesc mult, un meniu rafinat și o seară frumoasă am avut!

Pavel Bodea

Am rămas plăcut surprins de deservirea din restaurant! Să trăiți și să înfloriți!

Alexandra S

Mi-a plăcut mult aici! Revin neaparat!

Lungu Marius

E plăcut, că și în Chișinău exista așa un restaurant!

Restaurant Vatra Neamului in Chisinau

The modern world is developing with an extraordinary speed, the cities are modernizing, human needs are changing. But it always remains unchanged a person's desire to be in comfort and convenience, surrounded by close relatives and friends. Today's Chisinau has less similarities with that city which it was once, but there are places that will remind us about the past, will discover it history and of the country as a whole. To escape from the city and to find ourselves in Moldova from other times, with its traditions and atmosphere, it is not necessary to leave the Chisinau, this can be done without leaving the city, right in the heart of the capital.

The Restaurant-Museum „Vatra Neamului” - is not only a place where you can enjoy delicious dishes prepared according to old recipes, but it is also the place where you will feel part of the nation’s history.

Before the appearance of the restaurant an antique store was here, and part of it collection was transferred to the restaurant. Here are all antiques and old objects that you will not find in other restaurants. The interior of the restaurant is decorated with portraits of the great Moldavian rulers, princes, writers and poets, here the history seems to take life.

The Restaurant's Halls are decorated in a way that it is seems to be a trip in the past of Moldova. The atmosphere of the past centuries will make you to feel as peasant, boyar and gentleman. For this reason to the visitors of the restaurant are offered several halls at their choice, where they can immerse themself in the atmosphere of the Middle Ages, royal or in ancient times.

The restaurant has halls with a unique style and atmosphere, halls, which lead guests to different moments of Moldavian culture. The restaurant has 6 halls and these all have a special and stylized interior in a different era: the Aristocratic Hall, the Ancient Hall, the Hall of the Lords, the Classical Hall, the Gallery Hall and the Royal Hall (VIP Hall).

„Vatra Neamului” will be the great place to organize a business meeting, banquet, celebrate the holidays, to spend time in a pleasant atmosphere with friends, or retreat to a comfortable little hall. Visiting the restaurant once, you will want to visit it again, because every time you discover something new for yourself.

A special flavor for the restaurant is its musical accompaniment, because every evening, traditional music is singing in a live show.

In addition to the interior halls, the restaurant also has a terrace, where is a beautiful fountain, a lot of flower pots, and there is a scene where musicians are singing. The restaurant also has its own car parking, where you can always park your car.