Wine shop & bar

The tasty and good food should be accompanied by an exceptional wine. Therefore, besides a wide range of dishes, the "Vatra Neamului" restaurant has the own shop with the best wine collection from Chisinau.

Since ancient times, wine has been considered a drink of peace, health and prosperity. In our restaurant we offer the most delicious and aromatic wines: for dinner and dessert, red, pink and white, wine with 1 year old and more. The wines that will be surely on your taste.

In the special room with the temperature range requested for wine is kept a large collection of Moldavian wines, many of which are included in the "golden treasury" of Moldavian winemaking. In addition to Moldavian wines, various beverages from several countries are presented in the bar. The recipes of several non-alcoholic beverages were also borrowed from the ancestors.