Festival winter traditions

Quince on the window grandparents is the most fragrant memory that heralds the approach our beloved winter holidays! For a month quince will stop the traditional dishes, the decor and the magic of Christmas carols from restaurant "Vatra Nation".

To relive those moments, restaurant "Vatra Nation" Festival launches winter traditions "Yellow quince" and invites guests on a fascinating journey of tastes and habits holidays.

During this time guests will enjoy a menu for the soul, it consists of an extensive cultural program entitled "Yellow Quince". Carols, and songs urăturile will create a true holiday spirit, showing much beloved fairy Christmas and New Year hoped.

Trio Vatra Nation, musicians, collectives professional and amateur will reveal during the Festival a music collection exception that defines our culture, highlighting the uniqueness and diversity of our traditions Romanian and lyrics of the famous carol "Yellow quince" will be the leitmotif of this event .

In addition soul menu, guests will also enjoy the menu with dishes of pumpkin, the most resistant fruits, always partake in winter traditions.

Characterized by versatility inspirational and taste memorable, quinces are ingredient particularly any type of food, so we decided to sacrifice the most delicious end to them Rafat honey and cinnamon fill the pie with their core fragrant and fill them with meat on them very early, combining them with homemade wine as they say and ancestral recipes.

Also during this period will take holiday array restaurant, and the design will reflect specific eras past the magical atmosphere of Christmas with the smell of fir branches and colored lights, among However beaming with splendor and nostalgia, yellow fragrant quince.

We are waiting for you!