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Visiting the restaurant once, you will want to visit it again and again, because every time you discover something new for yourself.

A special flavor gives the restaurant its musical accompaniment, because every evening, the traditional music is singing in a live show.

In addition to the interior halls, the restaurant also has an open-air terrace, with a beautiful fountain, a lot of flower pots, and there is a scene where the musicians are singing. The restaurant tried to reflect the history of Moldova through the works and thoughts of the best of its ancestors. A lot of work has been done in collaboration with historians from the country to create a genuine atmosphere of the past centuries in this restaurant. The style of the interior, the furniture, the food and the music, all were chosen taking into account the traditions of the past era.

Moldova has always felt influence on its from the most powerful neighboring countries, so that in its gastronomic culture can find Turkish, Slavic, German, Baltic characteristics and other types of characteristics. And in the restaurant menu we can find a variety of dishes from our neighbors.